Overview of Japanese Almanacs in pdf-format.

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Most of the calenders are from Ise Jingu.

Meiji 7 - 1874

Meiji 9 - 1876

Meiji 10 - 1877 with "revenue" on front

Meiji 12 - 1879 with "revenue" on front

Meiji 16 - 1883 with "revenue on front"

Meiji 17 - 1884  with "non official revenue" Non-Ise type - more information relating to moon calender see JP 70 no 1

Meiji 19 - 1886

Meiji 19 - 1886 special calendar with old information on for instance directions you mut not go etc. That was taken away in the new gregorian calendar Not from Ise.

Meiji 20 - 1887

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