[Court of justice 1894 to 1898]


The is court of justice revenues " Sosho yo inshi" from 1894 to 1898. This had to be placed on legal documents depending on the value of the court dispute. In the center of the top is the chrysanthemum symbol. The values is only given in Japanese numbers. The motive is the Greek goddess Dike - daughter of Zeus and Themis. She is holding the book of law in the hand and is a symbol of human justice.

Values 3 sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 50 sen

Values 1 yen, 5 yen, 10 yen

The series is found perforated from 8 to 13. Examples of cancels is found below. The series consists of:

3 sen gray
5 sen black
10 sen brown
50 sen brown
1 yen yellow
5 yen blue
10 sen orange
15 yen green
20 yen sepia

Shimomura 2003 page 21-22

Furuya 2011 page 63

Different types of cancels found:

Value perforate 9

I yen

Text: keshi

a cancel

1 yen

Text: keshi

a cancel

1 yen


a cancel (using seal characters)

5 yen

Text: keshi-in

a cancel


10 sen brown

Text: saiban-sho keshi-in 

court of justice - cancel

50 sen brown

as above with seal characters

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