[Tax 1923]


This is tax revenue "shunyu inshi" from 1923. This series was released 29 days after the large Kanto earthquake in Tokyo in 1923 when the plates for the old design were destroyed. The chrysanthemum symbol is found on all. On 1 sen are two simplified rice plants. On 3 sen are two dragon flies. On 10 sen to 50 sen is found phoenix and a sun. On 1 yen to 10 yen is found scrolls and two small phoenixes at the top.

Values  1 sen(first printing), 3 sen( second printing, 20 sen, 50 sen, 1 yen

Values 10 sen

The first printing was in small sizes as the 1 sen seen above.  The series consisted of:

1/10 sen gray = 1 rin
1/2 sen orange = 5 rin
1 sen red
2 sen violet
3 sen green
5 sen blue

Next printing was with  was imperforated but later printings from 1924 have perforation 10. It is found with different watermarks. The series consists of:

1 rin black
5 rin orange
1 sen brown
3 sen green
10 sen red
20 sen blue
50 sen violet
1 yen red on yellow paper
5 yen red on green paper
10 yen red on violet paper

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