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Pitney Bowes types

In1901 Inventor Arthur H. Pitney patents his first “postage stamp device.” The invention promises increased office efficiency.

In1908 Entrepreneur Walter H. Bowes incorporates the Universal Stamping Machine Company to sell canceling machines to the Post Office.

The firm Pitney Bowes is still one of the of the big firms in machine cancel machines.

Type PB2 Kojimachi UchiSaiwacho? Japan 11/10 -1958 maskine PB 55 140 yen.

Type PB24 Shakujii Nippon 1/8-1979 ingen maskin nummer 140 yen

Type PB38 Yokohama Port  15/10 - 1968 55 yen

Type PB41 Nihonbashidori Nippon 25/1-1986 maskin PB 8725A 390 yen

Type PB41 Tokyo Nippon 13/7-1984 maskine PB 8589A 170 yen. Reklame for Maersk line.

Type PB43 Akasaka Nippon 27/1-1995 maskine PB 00375E 80 yen.

Type PB44 Shinjuku Kita Nippon 20/12-1993 maskine  3219596   470 yen

Type PB50 Kyoto Hyakumanden Nippon 18/8 1998 maskine PB 310503 110 yen.



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