[Korea and China]


Some revenues were overprinted for used in Korea, China and Manchuria.


These two are Korean gouverment revenues. From left tax revenue 5 cn 1906, 1 won 1907. Shimomura 2003 page 83


Japanese revenues overprinted with 2 characters for Korea. 4 values. Shimomura 2003 page 27 or Furuya 2011 page 69


These are for use in China. The first two from left are imperial Chinese revenues from 1907 - 2 fen and 10 fen. The last 10 sen is a Japanese revenue overprinted with 2 characters for China. Shimomura 2003 page 26.or Furuya 2011 page 70

Overprints for Manchuria is with 2 other characters and can be found in Shimomura and Furuya 2011

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