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Many prefectures and towns have their own revenues. In many cases they can be identified by a symbol for the prefecture and/or the name of the prefecture in Japanese. Many can be found in Shimomura 2003 page 204-270. The two first series is from Osaka town.

Values 30 sen, 15 sen, 30 sen, 20 sen

Values 5 sen, 10 sen

Not found in Shimomura 2003

The first two (4 sen brown and 1 yen red) are from Akita for rice inspection (Shimomura 2003 page 241). The last two (1 sen red amd 10 sen yellow) are from Okayama for silk worm eggs inspection (Shimomura 2003 page 250-1.

The first (to the left) is 1 sen from Hyogo for rice inspection (Shimomura 2003 page 244). The next is 10 sen orage general revenue from Fukushima.The last two are 1yen purple and 5 sen yellow general revenue from Saitama (Shimomura 2003 page 230).

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