[Tax on hotel bill 1903]


This is tax revenue "shunyu inshi" 2 sen from the 1898 series on a hotel bill. Yokohama  June 7 1903 no 46 Bluff (european area in Yokohama). Looking at historical records - at this address in Yokohama was the first brewery in Yokohama - the Japan Brewery located at No. 46 of the Bluff from 1869 to 1874.

The text is:

Recieved from madame Stanton for board 1 day may 30st      3.60
One week  half board from May 31st to date                             12.50
Paid Cook 35 sen                                                                             35
                                                                                                yen 16.45
Recieved payment H. N. Tripler



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