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Artikler I Japanese Philately af Anker Nielsen


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The reorganization of the Japanese Post and a new type of cancellation in the years 2007 to 2012, 69/18-21

Japanese revenue stamps from 1872-1900, 69/113,116-125


OSAKYOswordguard cancel, 69/170

A new variation of roman-letter swordguard postmarks with medium-thick chords, 69/286-294

OSAKYO swordguard cancel - Identified as a fake, 69/360-361


Japanese Almanac from Meiji 17 (1884), 70/4-5

Swordguards with Medium thick Chords, 70/132-135

Roman-letter Combs used for Administrative Purposes on Money Orders and Postal Articles to Japan 70/176-182


Book review: 2015 Thematic Japan Stamp Catalogue - vol 1 Flower stamps 71/36-37

New find: TOKIO "Double-Circle" type of a Medium-Sized, Single Circle Cancellation with a 2-digit year 71/94-97

Postal Meters from Post Offices in Japan  71/122-127

Single-Circle Cancellation Variant – Month in Roman Numerals with Serif 71/187-189

First-Day Scenic and Swordguard Cancellations on National Park Issues 71/232-270

Changes in postmarks to foreign countries from Arakawa Ward in Tokyo 71/310-315


Book review: 2016 Thematic Japan Stamp Catalogue - vol 2 World Heritage and Scenery 72/45-46

Types of postal meter designs used in Japan from 1950 until today 72/177-187

Monument for Dead Letters - Update 72/192

Establishment of Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations: 150th Anniversary (With Ron Casey) 72/217-219

Cash registration from 1951 to today 72/228-237


Q and A: 1893 Inter-office registered cover without stamps 73/5

Book review: 2017 Thematic Japan Stamp Catalogue - vol 3  Art and culture 73/42-44

In memory of Bo Tilt SSJP 73/85

Q&A scenic datestamps with and without line unter year 73/99-100

Meter labels and equipment used for self-service at post offices - 1970 to 1990, 73/122-134

SSJP is closed but library and website continue, 73/135

Establishment of Japan-Sweden Diplomatic Relations 150th Anniversary, 73/189-191 with Ron Casey

Ink colors of LCDs, 73/202-203

Delivery date designated mail in Japan, 73/240-241


Bookreview: 2018 Thematic Japan Stamp Catalogue - Vol. 4 Railways and Tourism 74/13-15

Delivery date designated mail in Japan – commencement day 74/43

Specific recorded mail in Japan (as an alternative to registered mail), 74/76-78

Bookreview: Japan Thematic Scenic Datestamps Catalogue Volumes 1 to 3, 74/87-91

Transition from Heisei to Reiwa Era, 74/104-107

Use of acceptance time certification on registered mail in Japan, 74/119-122

Registered domestic mail with proof of delivery, 74/148-154

“Double Circle” type Medium-Size, Single-Circle cancellation with a 2-digit year, New reported sightings from Kobe and Tokyo, 74/170-174

Registered mail with proof of delivery status report 74/216-217

Domestic registered mail with content certificate 74/221-229


Bookreview: 2019 Thematic Japan Stamp Catalogue - Vol. 5 Animals, 75/8-10

Delivery of legal registered mail, 75/60-66

World War 1 German POW LCD mail, 75/69-74

Registration labels on foreign mail from 1892 to1945, 75/108-128

Foreignregistration labels with letter codes A, B and C, 75/187-197

Domesticregistration labels and stamps used from 1897-1945, 75/236-243


Specialcharacters used on domestic registration labels or stamps,76/6-7

Visit of the Great White Fleet to Japan 1908: Program and postcards, 76/66-73

Book review: 2020 Thematic Japan stamp Catalogue: Vol 6 Sports, 76/76-78

Mitsukoshi and the Visit of the Great White Fleet to Japan 1908, 76/128-131

Book review: New Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue 1876-1908. 76/155-159


ForeignMail postmark information on the ISJP website – Update, 77/72-73

Letters and parcels with cash on delivery (COD), 77/77-81

Cash registration in Japan from 1901 to 1944, 77/90-97

The post office at the Communication Department and foreign registration labels with “Tokyo C”, 77/140-147


Theprince of Wales’s visit to Japan in 1922 and its Variant Color Datestamps, 78/6—8

Monograph Updates: ISJP Monographs 19 and 21, 78/68-74

Registered mail from Japanese external territories from 1893 to 1945, 78/120-128



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